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32 - Successful Out-of-State Multi-Family Investing with Jon Sidoti

December 14, 2021 Jason Muth + Rory Gill Season 1 Episode 32
The Real Estate Law Podcast
32 - Successful Out-of-State Multi-Family Investing with Jon Sidoti
Show Notes

We met Jon Sidoti on Bigger Pockets and thought he'd have a cool story to tell on the podcast - boy were we right!

Jon has built an amazingly successful out-of-state multi-family investment portfolio from his home base of Quincy, MA.

Currently, he has projects in Louisiana and Florida, and as we're writing this, Jon just told us that he is under contract with a 20-unit property in North Carolina and toured a 230-unit in Virginia!

Learn about how Jon built his systems and gained the confidence to invest out-of-state, even after one of his properties was devastated by a hurricane just one month after purchasing it!

In this episode, we talk about:
-- The value of building a network
-- How Jon leveraged his experience in commercial construction
-- Having boots on the ground if you're going to invest out-of-state
-- How to overcome when natural disasters hit your properties
-- Trading up from a duplex into a 12-unit building in Panama City, FL
-- How real estate is a team sport
-- Understanding how to completely rebuild a hurricane-devastated property from out-of-state
-- Jon's optimism and approach to handling difficult situations

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