The Real Estate Law Podcast

26 - Buying Multi-Family Properties Using City Websites w/ Matt Davis

October 20, 2021 Jason Muth + Rory Gill Season 1 Episode 26
The Real Estate Law Podcast
26 - Buying Multi-Family Properties Using City Websites w/ Matt Davis
Show Notes

Meet Matt Davis!

Matt shares his story about getting started in multifamily investing with his amazing 6-unit building that he located from a city website!

After graduating from college, working full-time, and scouring real estate websites, Matt decided to start attending real estate meetups and put his ideas in action. 

He shares some of the lessons that he learned along the way, including how to raise money from friends and family for smaller projects and how there are still good deals out there as long as you put yourself in a position to find them!

We discuss Matt's amazing real estate find from the City of Lowell that launched his career as a real estate investor

If you're searching and searching for your first deal and coming up short, listen to Matt's story for additional encouragement and some novel ideas that will set you apart from other investors. Matt has a fantastic story, and this is an episode that you won't want to miss!

More Items discussed during this episode:

- The value of attending real estate meetups

- How he landed his first deal by pitching the City of Lowell

- The value of networking

- How he raised almost $140k for his first deal with little experience

- How Matt's real estate "obsession" turned into an "investment"

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